Self-Managed Home Care Packages

If you are (or someone you authorise is) in a position to select and coordinate your care workers and schedule your care and services as well as managing your budget of Home Care Package, self management of care presents a viable option for you to be hands on with your management of care and save more money on management fees.

At Sensible Care, we believe giving the consumer a choice and offer the option to self-manage their Home Care Package.

Our Self-Managed Home Care Package fee structure is simple and transparent. Our Self-Managed Home Care Package fee is just a 15% of the package value. There are no other fees and charges. We do not charge transaction fees, reimbursement fees, establishment fees or contract management fees.

Please click here for the details of our self management fee structure.

Our approach to self management is focused on supporting and empowering you in all you decisions. When you chose self management option, similar to our fully managed (care managed) selection, you will have your own care manager who will visit you and in collaboration with you, plan your care and services. We will then provide you guidance about the process of selecting your care workers, coordinating your services and will let you to manage your Home Care Package budget. Your care manager will be available at all times if you require any help and support.

Self management option gives you:

  • More control over how you would like to spend your funding
  • Shared authority to decide on purchases
  • A way to chose your own care and support workers and other contractors.

For further details, please download our self management brochure from here.

If you have any questions or simply need to discuss whether self management option is for you, please give a call to have an obligation free conversation.