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A prominent consulting and accounting firm which specialises on the aged care sector Stewart Brown publishes the Aged Care Financial Performance Survey Sector Report, which is the largest benchmark survey of Australia’s Aged Care sector. This survey analyses financial and supporting data from over 1,011 residential care homes, and over 26,386 Home Care packages nationally.

According to this report, the national average Home Care Package Management fee was 24.05% and the national average value for Home Care Package Care Management fee was 9.69% as of March 2019.

This means that the average home care provider charges a total management fee of 33.74%.  In comparison to that, Sensible Care’s total management fee is only 15% for the self management option and just 26% for the full care managed option.

The table below demonstrates your total management costs and total savings* when you choose Sensible Care's self managed or care managed options compared to another Home Care Package provider that charges management fees similar to the national average:

*Sensible Care's management fees are current as of March 2023

HCP Level Yearly Package Amount Management Fees at National Average Total Management Fee with Our Self Managed Option Your Saving with Our Self Managed Option Total Management Fee with our Full Care Managed Option Your Saving with our Full Care Managed Option
Level 1 $9,179.75 $3,037 $1,377 $1,720 $2,386 $710
Level 2 $16147.6 $5,314 $2,422 $3,026 $4,198 $1,250
Level 3 $35138.55 $11,640 $5,271 $6,584 $9,136 $2,720
Level 4 $53268.1 $17,629 $7,990 $9,982 $13,849 $4,123

To put the savings in perspective, that correspond to around 200 to 250 hours of more care per year for a self managing Level 4 Home Care Package recipient.

Please contact us to learn more about how we offer the best value Home Care Packages service and how we can help you to achieve considerably more care hours.