Our objective is clear: to offer you the best care and services affordably and sustainably. Whether your care and services are government funded or you are self-funded care recipient, you would not want to pay excessive fees that will eat up from your budget, neither would you like to pay inflated hourly charges.

At Sensible Care, we are conscious about the need to be flexible and efficient in delivering care and services. Although we do incur a number of costs for providing our services for things like extensive staff training and supervision, insurance and WorkCover; instead of spending big money on posh offices or advertising, we maintain a lean organisation, utilise technology to be efficient, keep the costs low and pass the savings to our valuable care recipients. That is why our services fees and hourly charges are amongst the lowest - much lower than your typical not-for-profit organisation providing home care. This corresponds to more hours of care for you or perhaps a surplus in your budget which allows for a much needed permissible equipment purchase or necessary home improvement.

No long term contracts - no basic daily fees - no exit fees

Please compare our services and prices with other home care providers before you decide. Don't forget that we do not lock you in to any long-term contracts and neither do we charge you basic daily fees or exit fee.