Community Access

Participation in community, social and civic activities is an important tool for developing an NDIS participant’s social and daily living skills. Whether the participants are looking for creative ways to develop their capacity, make new friends or just pick up a new hobby, reliable and friendly our staff members can help them find and attend activities that suit to their interests. At Sensible Care, we are proud to be socially responsive and can connect participants with culturally and linguistically diverse activities.

Sensible Care is registered to deliver:

  • Participation in community, social and civic activities
  • Assistance with travel/transport arrangements
  • Innovative community participation services under the NDIS.

Community access services can be scheduled as one-off appointments or as an on-going support to assist participants to partake in activities of their choice in the community.  Some of the activities we assist participants with are:

  • Sports activities such as:
    • Swimming at the local pool
    • Accessing the Gym
    • Nature and park walks
    • Fishing
    • Watching sporting events
  • Social and community activities such as:
    • Visiting friends and family
    • Going to a café or restaurant
    • Attending community events
  • Personal development activities such as:
    • Yoga classes
    • Art classes
    • Music lessons
    • Accessing the library
  • Individual interests or necessities like:
    • Hair, nail and beauty appointments
    • Going for a walk or drive
    • Going to the bank and post office
    • Grocery Shopping
    • Medical appointments