COVID-19: Accessing Home Care Services

Can I still access aged care services?

Yes and we encourage you to continue to access this support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sensible Care's staff are trained to deliver safe services which include:

  • when and how to use personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • how to practise physical distancing when delivering services
  • how to prevent and control infections
  • how to manage an outbreak if one occurs.

I have a Home Care Package - what does this mean for me?

The services you currently receive through your Home Care Package will continue. However, during COVID-19 outbreaks, there may be some changes to the way you receive the service. For example, our care staff may need to change how personal care is provided to limit person‑to-person touch where possible. They may also wear masks and gloves where they may not have previously. Please read the It’s ok to have home care fact sheet from the Department of Health.

Contact us if you would like to make changes to your services, for example, arranging for your carer to shop on your behalf.

What if I want to stop receiving my Home Care Package services?

There are many reasons why you, or your representative, may ask to stop receiving care and services. If your circumstances have changed due to COVID-19, we can offer to:

  • review your care plan
  • adjust your package of care and services.

We have a responsibility to record our management actions and to prevent and control infection spread. If you have concerns about exposure to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to discuss this with us. There are resources available to support general discussions about COVID-19, including the use of surgical masks.

We can arrange for you to suspend, or ‘take leave’ from your package. You need to let us know the date that your leave starts. This does not have to be in writing. We can:

  • arrange not delivering services during the period you have taken leave but and start your services again when you return
  • tell you about any changes to your home care fees and the costs charged to your Home Care Package.