Care Managed vs Self Managed Care

At Sensible Care, we provide you the flexibility to choose the approach you would like to take in planning and managing your home care package.

Care Managed

In this option, Sensible Care is responsible for delivery of services for your home care package including planning your services (with your input), managing the finances of your home care package, training and scheduling the carers. This option provides you with the sake of mind knowing that you do not need to recruit, schedule and manage the carers and Sensible Care will provide you with well trained and supervised carers.

In planning your care under the care managed model, you will have your own care manager who will visit you to understand your living environment, your goals, your needs and desires and in consultation with you, plan and manage all aspects of your individualised care. Your care manager will continuously monitor your care and progress via progress reports submitted by your carers. Your care manager will quickly respond to any developments with adjustments and recommendations. Your care manager will also visit you to discuss your changing needs and in consultation with you, update your care plan and relevant services as needed. Under this model, you will have a single point of contact for all your requirements.

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Self Managed

Sensible Care provides its care recipients with an option to manage their own home care packages. This does not mean that own care recipients are left to their own devices. Sensible Care is always ready to provide you with the support you would need to safely and securely manage your package. Under our self managed model, your care manager will visit you and plan your care in consultation with you. Once your individual care plan is in place, you (or someone you have given authority) will take the reins and find and schedule suitable carers having regard to your budget and care plan. Once you find your appropriately qualified and insured carer(s), Sensible Care will enter into a contractual agreement with your carer(s). It is then your responsibility to make sure that you stay within your budget and coordinate the care and services for your home care package.

For further details, please download our self management informational brochure from here.

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